About Us


We are a Registered Organic farm with more than 200 Walnut Trees. We also have 4 horses, 3 Dogs, chickens, and cats to enjoy. We pick the walnuts in October, remove the hulls and dry them. Then they are stored in burlap bags until we either sell them in the shell or shelled. We do everything by hand.

We are strong advocates of the Farm to Fork movement and grow fruits and veggies for our own use and provide extra for our neighbors through our small farm stand located outside our main gate. We sell homemade items such as 3 Berry Jam, Apple Butter, Organic Pasta Sauce and FLAV-R-ROASTED Fancy Mixed Nuts.

We are members of the California Farm Bureau, we're part of the El Dorado Farm Trails, and we volunteer and donate at the Pioneer Volunteer Firefighters Association. We are very active in the community fostering animals.

Our overall goal is to provide the highest quality healthy foods from our farm to you at reasonable rates while being responsible stewards of the land and an asset to our community. 

Satisfied customer reviews:


"Very fresh and tasty walnuts" 

Joe, NYC

"I have been ordering at least 20 pounds every year for myself, wonderful Walnuts at a great price. I order them for gifts for my friends. Love them" 

Ingrid, NYC

“Walnuts are such a good, healthy food and I love knowing the nuts are organic and coming from a business that cares so much about their customers!”

Leslie, CA